Group Exhibition

Soft Architectures

Berlin, 27. – 28.08.2022
The lines dividing interior and exterior are broken down, creating an interplay between organic forms and manufactured materials

Our friend and muse Kim Bartelt brings together a collective of visual artists who share a unique perspective on place, memory, and the objects that surround us everyday. As we step into their minds, we are met with individual narratives that deconstruct identity and ideals, pushing us to question who we are and where we’re going.

For the exhibition, ’s founder, Amélie Riech continues her conceptual exploration of sculpture with a series of collectible design objects.

Taking place in a repurposed grain barn, SOFT ARCHITECTURES deals with the material realities that shape our human and non-human entangled relationships. The exhibition designs imaginary spaces, in which structure is defined by memory and experience, rather than walls. The lines dividing interior and exterior are broken down, creating an interplay between organic forms and manufactured materials.

What role do mundane objects, like a vase, a box or a shirt, play in overlapping soft architectures that we collectively inhabit? The exhibition honors the complexity of interpersonal encounters and invites you to reflect on the most tangible seams of the world that weave us all in together.

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