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§ 1 Contractual conclusion and content

For all services, deliveries and offers by the company uncommon matters (from now on named the seller) the following terms and conditions of business apply. These terms also apply to future business orders.

2. The offers of the seller are subject to confirmation and non-binding. All orders and order acceptances are in need of the sellers written agreement in order to be legally binding. This also applies to order changes, additions and other verbal agreements.

3. All orders are concluded with definitive amounts, delivery schedules, prices, items and quality. Both parties are legally bound by this agreement.

4. It is the responsibility of the seller to inform the buyer immediately if any part of the order cannot be delivered as agreed.

5. All other verbal agreements or other written arrangements are in need of the seller’s written approval to be legally binding.

6. All prices are indicted in (Euro) and exclude, unless specified otherwise, value added tax.

§ 2 Shipping and handling

All products are shipped from Berlin, Germany. Shipping and handling costs are as agreed upon in Order Confirmation.

2. Unless a closed delivery is prior agreed upon partial deliveries must be accepted by the buyer. This furthermore applies to deliveries shipped separately according to size, colour, quality, combination or model.

3. The product will be sent without insurance unless it is prior agreed with the buyer.

§ 3 Delivery schedule

Delivery schedule is as determined in Order Confirmation and a best estimate, however the seller is not responsible for delays due to external factors, including but not limited to natural disaster, pandemic, and war. The delivery period begins with the date of hand over to the shipping institution.

§ 4 Damages

Unless otherwise determined by shipping terms, the seller is not responsible for items damaged during shipment. Damaged merchandise is to be returned to the seller within one business week of receipt and only in its original packaging. Each damaged item is in need of its original sales tag in order to be claimed for return.

2. Due to pieces being handmade, customary or minor, technically inevitable deviations in quality, colour, width, or weight of the outfit or design, as well as minor artistic changes cannot be recognised as damages.

3. Merchandise that is damaged due to incorrect storage, handling, or care, is not eligible for return. Please refer to the seller’s Care Instructions page for best practices after delivery.

4. With legitimate damages the seller has the right to either repair the damages or supply the buyer with replacement merchandise, reshipping within a timeframe agreed upon with the buyer. If the supply of replacement merchandise is not possible then the buyer may, at his own choice, reduce the sale price or return merchandise for credit.

5. After the period named in paragraph 3, the normal terms and conditions apply.

6. Return merchandise will only be accepted if prior agreed upon in writing. Return merchandise without the seller’s prior written agreement will be refused.

7. Return of merchandise, in all cases, is at the risk and initial expense of the buyer. Shipments must be marked with the word “free”. If the buyer’s complaints are valid then the costs of shipping will be reimbursed. Handling costs will not be reimbursed.

§ 6 Payment conditions

As determined in Order Confirmation.

§ 7 Mode of payment

Payment must be made in cash currency via money order, direct debit or as a wire transfer through an internationally recognised credit institution. Outstanding debts may not be charged to the buyers account unless such an arrangement is prior agreed upon in writing and legally binding.

§ 9 Final clause

1. The laws of the Federal Republic of Germany apply to all of these general shipping and pay- ment conditions and to the legal relationship between seller and buyer.

2. If one of these general shipping and pay- ment conditions is ineffectual, then the validity of the other conditions remain untouched. In lieu of the ineffectual condition the appropriate conditions put forward by the most up-to-date and universal terms and conditions of the German garment industry, supplemented by legal provisions of the presumed right of party, will take effect.