UM’s gift guide: Give a small piece of forever...
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UM’s gift guide: Give a small piece of forever

A thing of beauty is a joy forever. So goes the saying taken from a poem by British Romantic poet, John Keats. How wonderful to give a small piece of forever to someone you love!

This festive season, bring the glow and the glory to holiday dressing. Be it nights out in style by starlight, or elegant evenings in, by candlelight. Let’s decorate our homes and ourselves to embrace the lights of the season in these darker days and cozy nights.

Lasting treasures by artisan designers and craftsmen are instant heirlooms. Original and special, they are tactile, a delight to hold in the hand and put on the body, and later, to pass on to the next generation.

We hope you’ll add some of these elegant pieces from uncommon matters to your gift list and your wish list.

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Photography: Ferry Mohr
Art Direction: Studio Thea Barkhoff
Model: Finja Mara Lehmann
Styling and Set Design: Yannic Joel Hohaus
Hair & Makeup: Melanie Bulu