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VOGUE Germany Interviews Amélie Riech

VOGUE Germany introduces uncommon matters in this month's edition in an interview with our founder.

STYLE, FROM HERE - Amélie Riech makes jewelry for the fearless.

A very special trio has been spread out on a white tray that could have come from the cafeteria of an open-plan office. Here, a spiral-shaped egg cup made of chrome-plated metal meets a sticky Haribo snail in bright green. The organic potpourri is complemented by a deep black "Swell Bangle" bracelet from Uncommon Matters, whose round shape is only interrupted by its angular opening. Still-life lovers are now in seventh heaven.

Common descriptions from the world of contemporary jewelry such as “arm-" or “ear-party" are certainly in the wrong place here. Because founder Amélie Riech has no desire for trivialities. She prefers to transform her geometric-minimalist visions into pieces that could also be found as miniature sculptures in a great art gallery - or, thanks to their photogenic nature, in editorials in the most important fashion magazines. Celebrities such as Jennifer Lopez, Kylie Jenner and Tracee Ellis Ross are just as crazy about the Berlin creations as copycat fashion giants. No wonder, because Riech, a trained architect, literally thinks outside the box with her designs for uncommon matters.

Read the full interview here.

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